The Vance County Sheriff's Office is responsible for more than just patrolling the county.  We maintain the jail, the courthouse, serve civil process, issue gun permits, maintain the Sex Offender Registry, and investigate criminal activity and drug sales.


If you wish to file a report of criminal activity, you can either call 911 or come to the Sheriff's Office in person,  A deputy will fill out an investigative report, which may be forwarded to an investigator for follow-up.  If you want a copy of the completed report, you can call 252-738-2200 during regular business hours to request a copy.


The online application for a pistol purchase permit can be found here: 

To apply for a pistol purchase permit in Vance County, you must be a resident of Vance County and have a valid Drivers License or ID with your current address listed on it.  The cost is $5 per permit.

For a Concealed Weapon Permit, you must first complete the mandated training from an authorized trainer.  Then, make an appointment with Janie Martin at 252-738-2205 to complete the process.  The cost is $90 for the permit.


If a case meets criteria, it is assigned to an Investigator.  Typically, the assigned Investigator will contact the victim or the victim's family within 24 hours of being assigned the case.  There are exceptions, such as holidays, weekends, and so forth.  There is an on-call Investigator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to emergencies.  If you have a question about a case, call 252-738-2200 and ask to speak to an investigator.  If you have information about a case, you can send it through the link on the contact page or call the number above.


If you are a party to a civil action and need to have a paper served, the Civil Division is responsible for that service.  Lieutenant James Goolsby and Deputy Torrence Terry handle Child Support papers.  Sergeant Andre Alston supervises the Civil Division and can either address your concern or refer you to the appropriate resource.


We conduct regular updates to the Sex Offender Registry and check compliance for those on the registry. Lieutenant Donny Thomas or Mina Champ can be contacted regarding violations or address changes.


The Vance County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Unit investigates complaints of drug sales in the county.  If you have information about on-going drug activity, you can call 252-738-2200 and remain anonymous.


The Vance County Sheriff's Office participates in Operation Medicine Drop, which is an effort to dispose of unused medications safely.  Doing so keeps the medicine away from minors or others who may seek to use them unsafely or illicitly. There is a drop box in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office that is available during business hours to properly dispose of those medications.


The Vance County Jail is located at 516 Breckenridge Street in Henderson.  The telephone number to the jail is 252-438-3923.  If you wish to receive calls from an inmate, you must set up an account with Paytel at:


The Sheriff's Office takes incidents of domestic violence seriously. Debbie Scott follows up on domestic violence reports and assists victims in navigating through the difficult procedures following a domestic violence incident.