Left to right: Major Shelton, Captain Watkins, Lieutenant Thomas, Lieutenant Roberson, Sheriff Brame, Lieutenant Goolsby, Lieutenant Shearin, Lieutenant Gooch, Major Staton

Sheriff Brame is a Vance County native and served as a member of the Vance County Sheriff's Office for over 30 years before retiring as the Patrol Captain in 2016.  Upon the retirement of Sheriff Peter White, Brame announced his candidacy for Sheriff.  After winning the election in November, 2018, Sheriff Brame was sworn in as Vance County's Sheriff.

Sheriff Brame is a family man and treats every employee of the office as a family member.  Realizing the challenges of modern law enforcement, he has empowered his deputies to be more proactive in addressing the issues that contribute to criminal activity and violence.  Sheriff Brame also is a proponent of inter-agency cooperation and actively seeks out opportunities to work with partner agencies, such as the Henderson Police Department, North Carolina State Highway Patrol, NC State Bureau of Investigation, Juvenile Justice, Department of Social Services, Child Protective Services, and many others both within law enforcement and civilian.


The Executive Command Staff includes Captain Lloyd Watkins, Captain Durwood Campbell, Major John Shelton, and Major Stephen Staton.

Captain Watkins is a Vance County native and has spent his career with the Vance County Sheriff's Office and is currently the Captain of Administrative Services.  Captain Campbell has been with the Vance County Sheriff's Office for over 20 years and is the Captain of Field Operations.  Major Shelton came to the Vance County Sheriff's Office after working in Durham and is the Jail Administrator.  Major Staton recently retired from the NC SBI and is the Major of the Sheriff's Office.  Combined, these four have over 100 years of service in various capacities.


The Vance County Detention Center is managed by Major John Shelton and Captain Leroy Moss.

Major Shelton began his career as a Reserve Deputy with the Rowan County Sheriff's Office in 1994, eventually working for 18 years in Durham before coming to work for the Vance County Sheriff's Office in 2016.  Captain Moss has spent his career with Vance County.  Combined, they bring a wealth of knowledge and well over 35 years of service.

Captain Moss

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