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Minimum  requirements  established by the North Carolina  Sheriff's Education  and Training  Standards, as well as the Vance County Sheriff's Office  are the basis for consideration  for employment  as a Deputy Sheriff and Detention Officer.


These  requirements include:

  • Must be a US citizen  (or proof of naturalization)

  • 21  years of Age

  • High School Graduate or equivalent (correspondence diplomas are not accepted by Sheriffs Standards)

  • No Felony or Serious Misdemeanor Charges/Convictions

  • Be of Good Moral Character

  • Pass Medical Examination and Drug Test (will be done by our office)


Upon  selection, a complete background will be done.. This  background includes but is not limited to the following checks: criminal, civil, driving, and credit. There will also be interviews conducted with references,current and previous employers, and others determined by the background investigator.

Applicants must fill out the Vance County Sheriff's Office Application for Employment


F-3 Personal History Statement and a Release Authorization Form links found

The application, F-3, and Release need to be brought to the Sheriff's Office by the applicant.  The forms must be notarized prior to submission to the Sheriff's Office. The applicant must bring a valid photo ID.

Why work for Vance County Sheriff's Office

VARIETY:    VCSO offers a wide variety of career opportunities for individuals interested  in law enforcement and corrections. Positions are classified  as either "certified" or "staff"


SERVICE:  VCSO  offers you the opportunity  to serve your community  in many different  ways In both certified  and support  positions  you have an opportunity to assist  others  in  need,  provide protective services  when necessary,  and offer guidance  and example to the  youth of the community.


ATMOSPHERE:   At  VCSO you will be working  with some of the most professional law enforcement  and support  personnel  in  the area.. Their pride in  the agency and its capabilities  are evident in the way they perform their jobs. VCSO is  looking  for the very best to fill important and influential  public service  positions.

If you   have any questions regarding  these  requirements, please contact our office at

(252)  738-2200.

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